blu PRO e-cigarette Review (Is Going blu Right for You?)

Hand holding a blu PRO e-Cigarette (How Good is the Device? Read a review at First-Rate Vape)

If you are reading this blu PRO e-cigarette review, there’s a good chance you are doing so because you’ve seen a picture of one and want to know if the device is as good as it looks.

That’s not surprising because the blu PRO e-cigarette is a sleek and stylish piece of kit. In fact, it’s probably one of the best-looking vape pens on the market.

The blu PRO e-cigarette is not a complicated device to use. All you do is click it’s button five times to switch it on and then press it every time you want to vape. Another five clicks switch it off. It may be a little fiddly to fill up with juice but, other than that, there’s nothing heavy going on.

This could be a great device for anyone who wants to give up smoking. In theory, anyway. A lot of people report quality issues that suggest the blu PRO e-cigarette may be more trouble than it’s worth.

This review will provide you with all the pros and cons of the blu PRO e-cigarette to help you decide if going blu is the right choice for you.


Company Credibility

blu is a brand name belonging to Fontem Ventures, which is a subsidiary of Imperial Brands plc.

Imperial Brands used to be called Imperial Tobacco Group plc. It’s the fourth-largest international cigarette company in the world so blu is a vaping brand that’s owned by a tobacco company.

The company sells several other vaping devices under the blu brand name. It also offers a selection of e-liquids. If you buy blu, you are dealing with a reputable company, but customer reviews suggest the quality of its products is not particularly good. Though it has to be said, blu vaping devices are very appealing to look at. They’ve got style.

What You Get in Kit (blu PRO e-cigarette)


What the blu PRO Kit Contains

  • 1 x blu PRO Clearomiser
  • 1 x blu PRO Rechargeable (1100 mAh Battery)
  • 1 x blu PRO USB Cable

blu PRO e-cigarette Specifications and Selling Points


  • Top-filling clearomiser makes refills easy and reduces spillageClear window makes it easy to check e-liquid level
  • Long-lasting battery for longer time between charges
  • LED indicators for quick at-a-glance check of battery life
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece for comfortable, smooth use
  • Smooth and consistent vapour delivery for high-quality and flavour

The marketing material makes a big deal about the device having a large battery that lasts all day, but it’s 1100 mAh. Most similar devices have that size battery. It’s pretty standard.

The company also states the device offers “easy refilling with blu flavour e-liquids”. If you are using blu liquids, that probably true because the bottles have a very fine tip that fits easily inside the gap at the side of the clearomiser. If you are using another brand of e-juice you may find the tank harder to fill because the gap is pretty small.


Special Features

Battery Charge Level IndicatorThe blu PRO e-cigarette is a pretty basic piece of kit. There aren’t many special features, but the bottom of the device has a blue light that illuminates while you are vaping. It also doubles as a battery-level indicator. There are five small rectangles around the outer circumference. When all five are lit-up blue, the battery is full. They go out one by one as the battery charge decreases.

The blue USB cable is also a nice touch and it’s a little longer than the USB cables you get with many other devices. You won’t be able to skip with it or anything, but it’s long enough to allow decent distance between the e-cigarette and the USB supply port.


blu PRO e-cigarette Customer Reviews

A lot of people like this product. It does have plenty of good customer reviews. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad reviews as well. These are mainly due to problems with the blu PRO clearomiser leaking, failing batteries, and other quality issues.

A couple of good reviews read:
Good Customer Reviews


And here are two from the other side of the fence:

Customers Complaining


Here’s a more unusual blu PRO e-cigarette review from someone who had a problem with the device leaking but gave it a full five-star rating anyway. Weird, or what?

A 5-Star Review for a Faulty blu PRO e-cigarette — What's Going on? (blu PRO e-cigarette review)


Where Can I Buy a blu PRO e-cigarette?

blu PRO KitFinding a blu PRO e-cigarette supplier should not be hard. Many stores and supermarkets sell blu Pro e-cigarettes and you can even find them for sale in certain petrol stations.

Argos, Tescos, your local vape supplier… It should be very easy to get hold of this particular vaping device

It’s also possible to buy a blu PRO e-cigarette online from Amazon and any number of different sites.


Is There a Warranty or Guarantee?

blu fails to provide a money-back guarantee. The company makes it clear that all sales are final.
However, you may be able to return your e-cigarette if changed your mind about wanting it and have not opened the packaging. If you wish to do this, you must let blu know within 14 days of receiving the product.

As for a warranty, there appears to be one but blu is unusually cagey about providing any details about it.

This from the blu website:

“Electronic components are covered by warranty. The length of the warranty varies per product. If any of these items are defective during the warranty period, you can exchange it for an operational one at no extra cost.”

All in all, this is a pretty poor state of affairs. Most manufacturers provide detailed warranty information on their sites.


How Much Does a blu PRO e-cigarette Cost?
(And is it Worth the Money?)

Is this the best vaporzier for me?If you decide to buy a blu PRO e-cigarette you can expect to pay £17.99 (price correct at the time of this review). Shopping around is pointless, the price appears to be written in stone. Every site we checked was selling this e-cig for the same price.

The price is very fair. Bearing in mind the low cost of e-juice, if you were to decide to go with a blu PRO e-cigarette instead of smoking ordinary cigarettes, you could be saving money after only a couple of days.

Unfortunately, although the device looks very smart a stylish and initially appears to be a quality item, customer reviews suggest getting a good one is likely to be down to the luck of the draw.
A lot of people say they had problems with their blu PRO e-cigarettes. The Clearomiser appears to be especially troublesome. A lot of people complain about them leaking. There are also quite a few reports of the battery failing.

Although blu is not forthcoming with the details of its warranty or duration, it seems likely you will have no trouble getting a repair or replacement if the problems arise pretty quickly.

But do you really want to have to go down that route? Many people appear to have been there before and some of them are saying they had problems with numerous Clearomisers.

If you get lucky, all well and good. If you don’t, you could find there is a lot of stress you may not need. Especially if you are someone who has recently quit smoking. There can be no doubt the blu PRO e-cigarette is a good looking device but your £17.99 could be buying a lot of hassle.

There are better options available. The Discoball Electronic Cigarette is one of them. It costs a few pounds less than the blu PRO e-cigarette and you get more for your money because you get two e-cigarettes for the price of one and they come in a nice, little zip-around case.

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