The VapeMaster H2 Kit contains 2 vape pens that come is a nice zippered case.

VapeMaster H2 Kit Review

If you just making the switch from tobacco to vape, or just like to keep things simple and stick to a no-frills vape pen, the VapeMaster H2 Kit is an excellent choice. It’s cheap to buy and use, delivers a good vape, and has excellent customer reviews.

Unfortunately, you don’t get any e-liquid with the VapeMaster H2 Kit but that’s the case with most vape kits and it’s hard to huff and puff about the lack of liquid because VapeMaster throws in a spare vape pen instead—how good is that?

The pens come ready assembled in a neat, slimline zip-up case. It’s a nice little kit that would make a great gift for someone you love—or for yourself.

There are a lot of vape kits available that look very similar to this one but the VapeMaster H2 Kit has an advantage over the competition because it’s got such a lot of good customer reviews. When a lot of people are saying good things about a product, there’s usually a good reason for it.

Is it too early in the review to say the VapeMaster H2 Kit knocks spots off the competition? Possibly, but I’m going to say it anyway. This one kicks ass.


What the Kit Contains

  • 1 x Black Battery (Vape Pen Body)
  • 1 x Silver Battery (Vape Pen Body)
  • 2 x Clearomiser Cartridges (empty, no liquid included)
  • 1 x USB Charging Cord
  • 1 x Leatherette Case (Holds 2 Pens)
  • User Manual


VapeMaster H2 Kit User Experience

Although a few users say they found the battery life disappointing, the VapeMaster H2 uses 11000 mAh batteries. Most vape pens do.

A lot of vape pens are accused of poor battery life but, in this case, such claims are few and far between. One customer states she gets 300-400 puffs per charge, which is sufficient to last her for two days.

It’s amazing to think anyone would count how many puffs they take per day but, depending on how much you use the device, the average person should be looking at charging their VapeMaster H2 ever one to two days. If a battery is lasting you less than a day, you seriously need to be looking at finding a hobby or searching for a job—possibly both.

Some vape pens have the charging port on the base, this one has it on the side. The LED around the fire button turns blue while charging. If your battery is flat, the process should take roughly two hours. The blue LEDs switches off to let you know the charge is complete.

How to Top Up the CleraomiserThere’s nothing complicated about using the VapeMaster H2 but, if you are a vaping beginner, you will need to read the instructions before rushing in. The first thing you will need to do is add the liquid. Don’t make the mistake of putting it in the airflow tube in the centre. Fill it from the side. Also, avoid the temptation to overfill. Don’t go past the 1.2 ml fill line.

If you want to avoid a burnt taste, you will also need to avoid using e-liquid that’s too thick. Stick with low VG options. The following three should work best:

  • 50PG/50VG
  • 60PG/40VG
  • 70PG/30PG

Five clicks on the fire button will activate the device. The LED will flash after click number five to let you know the vape pen is ready to go. You’ll need to do another five clicks to switch the device off.


VapeMaster H2 Kit Special Features

There aren’t any “special” features. This is just a basic vape pen that gets the job done. Its simplicity of use is probably one of the main things in its favour. All you need to do is top up the device with e-liquid and charge the battery. Then it’s just a case switching it on and you are good to go.


Other Things to Know

If you are new to vaping, you may not be aware of the need to replace vape coils from time to time. In this case, there is no need to fiddle around changing any coils. You just screw off the top cartridge (it has a coil inside) and replace it with a fresh one. You will probably need to do this every 7-10 days.

A new “clearomiser” cartridge is not unduly expensive. You can usually buy a pack of five clearomisers for under £8.

Replacing the clearomiser will be an ongoing, occasional expense but a pack of five costs less than a packet of cigarettes and will last over a month. A pack of cigarettes will only be good for a few hours to a few days, depending on your smoking habits.

E-liquid is cheap as well so vaping is always going to be considerably cheaper than smoking and is likely to smell better on your breath—especially if you go for a fruit-flavoured liquid.


VapeMaster H2 Kit Customer Reviews

Although there is a little negative feedback, most customers who leave a review have nothing but good things to say about the VapeMaster H2 Kit.

Let’s take a look at a few of the things customers are saying.

Most customers who bother to leave a review only have good things to say about the VapeMaster H2 Kit

Where Can I Buy a VapeMaster H2 Kit?

It’s possible you may be able to get hold of a VapeMaster H2 Kit via your local vape shop but don’t hold your breath. At the time of this review, if you wanted to buy a VapeMaster H2 Kit, Amazon was the only place to go.


Is There a Warranty or Guarantee?

VapeMaster doesn’t appear to be offering a money-back guarantee but that’s no biggie. Buying via Amazon gives you the protection of the Amazon Returns Policy. However, customer reviews suggest problems with the device are very rare. Nevertheless, when you buy via Amazon, the returns policy is there if you need it.

How Much Does the VapeMaster H2 Kit Cost
(And is it Worth the Money?)

Is this the best vaporzier for me?At the time of this review, it was possible to buy a VapeMaster H2 Kit from Amazon for less than £25. That’s not bad at all. Especially if you bear in mind the fact you are getting two vape pens for the price of one.

As far as the price goes, there’s nothing to grumble about. There are similar-looking vape pens available, many of which are a little cheaper, but VapeMaster H2 Kit has better customer reviews.

Reading through the reviews and comparing them to the reviews left for similar kits, the quality of this one appears to be higher. There are fewer reports of problems such as leaking and poor battery life. That can only be a good thing.

The case you get with the VapeMaster H2 Kit is also a pretty nice accessory. Lots of VapeMaster H2 Kit alternatives are sold in cases that are a little too wide. The case in this kit is nice and slim.

If you want to blow massive clouds, the VapeMaster H2 Kit won’t be a good option at all.

If all you need is a good vape pen that’s reasonably-priced, easy to use and should last you a long time, you are going to be pretty hard-pushed to find a better option.

Is the VapeMaster H2 Kit worth the money? The answer has to be yes, and it’s a particularly good option for vape newbies who are looking for a simple vape pen to use as an alternative to cigarettes.