What You Need to Know About eGo e-Cigarettes

If you have just started searching for a the best electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) to suit your needs/personal taste you may have encontered the word “eGo” enough times to begin asking yourself “what’s an eGo?” If that is the case this article is for you.

Early e-cigarettes used to look like the smellier and more dangerous tobacco products they were designed to replace. Times have changed. The demand for “cigalikes” has dwindled and the eGo has become a more popular choice with first-time and seasoned vapers alike.

A typical eGo e-cigarette does not mimic the look of a paper and tobacco cigarette. An eGo is a little larger, contains a refillable e-fluid tank, and tends to be more colourful to look at. Although metallic eGos are also popular.

Most good brands of eGo e-cigarette also offer very good battery life and low resistance atomisers that are capable of providing incredibly good vapour production for what is still a relatively small unit.

A Brief History of the eGo E-Cigarette

The first eGo was created by the Chinese company Joyetech. It was called  the Joye eGo and became available in 2009. It’s sleek look and long battery life helped it become an instant hit with e-cigarette users. The following year Joyetech released a more advanced eGo called the Joye eGo-T that had a revolutionary new type of tank atomizer. Other improvements followed and Joyetech’s innovative designs and technology helped the company become a market leader.

Although Joyetech is the original developer of the eGo e-cigarette, and supplies  e-cigarette companies all over the world, intellectual property rights are not strictly enforced in China. This has allowed many other manufacturers to produce their own versions of the eGo and add and remove features in an attempt to make the best eGo on the market. Although this is a situation that could be seen as being unfair to Joyetech it is good for consumers because it has provided a larger range of eGo e-cigarettes to choose from.