New “Cannavaping” Study Suggests Vaping Marijuana is Better

Research shows cannavaping is Safer than Smoking Marijuana

Ever heard of “cannavaping”? It’s just like normal vaping but the e-liquid contains marijuana instead of nicotine. According to an article published in Live Science, the results of a new study suggest cannavaping is a very good option for people use marijuana for medical reasons.

The problem with smoking marijuana is the smoke often contains toxins that are released as the marijuana and cigarette paper burns. The researchers say cannavaping may be a good way to avoid exposing the body to these toxins, some of which are known to be carcinogenic.

For the purposes of the study the researchers evaluated the plausibility of vaping marijuana for medical reasons instead of smoking it.

The researchers extracted the active ingredients (cannabinoids) from cannabis and used to them to create a marijuana e-liquid.

However, the researchers admit their first attempt to make a marijuana e-liquid has only been partially successful. The concentrate is lacking in potency. Vapers using the marijuana e-liquid would need to take around 100 puffs to attain any medicinal value.

Will the researchers be able to create a vapour that delivers a strong enough marijuana hit? Only time will tell, the studies are ongoing. But in an article published in the journal Scientific Reports (May 25th, 2016), the researchers state, “Cannavaping appears to be a gentle, efficient, user-friendly and safe alternative method for cannabis smoking for medical cannabis delivery.”

Many people who smoke marijuana for medical reasons, and worry about the negative consequences, may see the new research as offering hope for the future. Unfortunately, the American government is cracking down on vaping and making it unnecessarily hard for people who have turned to vaping as a safer alternative to cigarettes. The governments of many other countries appear to be equally determined to make vaping difficult. Bearing this in mind, anyone hoping to find a safe and legal way to vape marijuana for medicinal purposes should be prepared to be disappointed because cannavaping has an uncertain future.

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