Can you stop smoking without gaining weight? Perhaps . . .

Can you stop smoking without gaining weight?

Statistics gathered by Cancer Research UK suggest tobacco smoking may have caused 101,000 deaths in in the UK—and that’s just in 2010. But many smokers are afraid to make changes because they think its impossible to stop smoking without gaining weight. Research conducted by scientists in New Zealand suggests this does not have to be the case.

People become addicted to smoking because they develop a dependency on nicotine, but it isn’t the nicotine that endangers the health. It’s the other chemicals and tar the tobacco contains.

When people quit smoking they stop filling their lungs with dangerous carcinogenic compounds, but they are also deprived of nicotine. That’s why many people use nicotine patches to stop smoking, but patches don’t work for everyone and many people start to comfort eat.

The Dangers of Swapping Nicotine For Calories

Research conducted by scientists in Japan shows people with a greater dependency on nicotine have an increased likelihood of putting on weight when they stop smoking. So it’s not an old wives’ tale, the danger of putting on weight due to nicotine deprivation is all too real

An article published by the NHS, in Summer 2016, acknowledges the fact that being overweight “increases the risk of dying early”. The article also references as survey that suggests the dangers obesity presents are second only to smoking. This indicates being overweight is only marginally the lesser of two evils; so it’s not surprising many people who are addicted to nicotine worry they will be unable to stop smoking without gaining weight; then decide not to bother trying in the first place. However, the results of a new study, conducted in New Zealand suggest it may be possible to say goodbye to cigarettes once and for all without piling on the pounds.

How a Change in Habit May Help You To Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Research suggests it could be possible to stop smoking without gaining weightWhat is this strange magic that may help people to stop smoking without gaining weight? It’s vaping. Don’t believe all the propaganda distributed by members of the vape-hate brigade. A study conducted by Public Health England states vaping is 95% less damaging to the health than tobacco products, so switching to vape instead of smoke makes a lot of sense. Now scientists in New Zealand have discovered people who switch from cigarettes to vaping may be able to enjoy the health benefits of a new smoke-free lifestyle without risking the dangers of obesity. The results of the study were published earlier this month in Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

The scientist believe several factors may be involved:

  1. The direct effects of nicotine
  2. Sensation and behavioral replacement
  3. Taste perception

Let’s break that down a bit.

  1. It has long been known that nicotine has the ability to active pathways in the brain that suppress the appetite, so it’s easy to see why anyone who quits smoking may find they begin to eat more food.
  2. The classic hand to mouth motion is also habit that smokers miss and it is all too easy to start going hand to mouth with sweets and snacks instead.
  3. Then there is taste perception. Vapers have an unlimited number of vape flavours to choose from. There is something for every taste. It stands to reason anyone who has been titillating their taste buds with a nice candy floss flavoured e-liquid, appeased their palate with some Pina Colada e-juice, or some other tasty vape, is less likely to make a grab for the nearest bar of chocolate or go off in search of a burger and fries.

The New Zealand scientists admit further study is needed, but it would appear vaping could also have potential as a weight loss aid. So anyone who wishes to stop smoking without gaining weight should be able to breath a little easier, stop worrying about putting on pounds, and concentrate on kicking a very dangerous habit.