Why Stories of an Apple iVape Personal Vaporizer Are Likely to Be Just Hot Air

Why the Apple iVape is Unlikely

Apple has already wowed the world with the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad but, despite all the press coverage that indicates otherwise, an Apple iVape vaporizer is unlikely to become available anytime soon.

A look at today’s Google results shows the idea of an Apple vaporizer has become big news.

Learn Why the Apple iVape Rumor is Unfounded

How the Apple iVape Rumor Got Started

The idea appears to have originated over at DigitalTrends.com. On Friday the site ran an article entitled ‘Patent application suggests Apple might be eyeing the vaping industry‘.

Digital Trends writer, Kelly Hodgkins, had discovered a patent application filed by Apple during the summer of 2016.

This prompted her to suggest, “A recently published patent application suggests the company may be eyeing the booming vaping industry with its own high-tech vaporizer unit.”

Hodgkins makes this speculation based on the fact that Apple’s patent application describes a device that uses high temperature to turn a substance into a vapor and maximizes the vaporization rate. The company’s application fails to mention how the device is likely to be used, so she takes a wild leap and states, “We can only speculate that the growing popularity of vaping and the increasing legalization of marijuana in the US and abroad may be contributing to Apple’s exploration of this area.”

Laying the Rumor to Rest

The problem is vaporizing devices have a number of other uses. They are not used exclusively in vaping pens and other electronic cigarette substitutes.

Apple’s patent describes a device that does not use air. It states “The carrier gas may be an inert gas such as argon, nitrogen, helium or other inert gas that is non-reactive relative to the substance.”

This is a big give away. A personal vaporizer that utilized helium may be good for providing an amusing squeaky voice. Argon would be able to do this too, but vaping with such gasses would surely be damaging to the health and would give all the Vape Haters in the world a valid reason to start spreading more anti-vaping propaganda.

A More Likely Use For Apple’s Vaporizer

So, looking at the patent, an Apple iVape ain’t going to happen. The device described may be more suitable for industrial use. Such devices have been used for fabricating naonobelts and nanowires. Bearing in mind the fact that Apple is one of the most innovative electronic companies in the world, a device like this could prove very useful. So, it’s probably safe to ditch the idea of the Apple iVape in favor of an industrial thermal evaporation unit.