New Survey by Juul Shows Many Vapers Quit Smoking

New Vaping Survey by Juul Shows Many Vapers Quit Smoking - First Rate Vape ( results of a new vaping survey by Juul provides yet more evidence that vaping is a good way to stop smoking. Juul vaping devices are famous for the flat USB-like appearance and may Juul enthusiasts love to decorate their devices by applying custom Juul skins. Juul was introduced by PAX Labs in June 2015 and the slim smoking cessation aid proved to be so successful the PAX Labs began running Juul as a separate company. The Survey Juul conducted provides further proof that vaping is a good way for people to quit smoking.

Nearly 19,000 vapers took part in the vaping survey sponsored by Juul. All of them were using Juul vaping devices they had bought online and, using funding provided by Juul, researchers from the Centre for Substance Use Research compiled data that showed the number of smokers who quit tobacco and started vaping instead far outnumbered those who had switched to smoking.

Eighty-seven percent of the survey participants were current or former smokers when they used one of the company’s distinctive-looking vaping devices for the first time and more than 75% of that group were happy to admit they quit smoking by using Juul vaporizers.

Out of the participants who were still smoking tobacco products, most of them (56 percent) said vaping had helped them to reduce their cigarette usage by 50 percent or more.

This is an important vaping survey because some public health official worry vaping my provide non-smokers with a stepping stone that leads to a more dangerous habit (smoking). The media often give vaping a bad rap and positive surveys like this are can be easily lost among all the miss-information and scaremongering. It’s also worth noting the information provided by the vaping survey by Juul only relates to people who began using the company’s vaping devices. So it’s just a small part of a much bigger picture. An earlier survey, conducted in 2016, shows vaping has already helped 6.1 million Europeans to quit smoking and enabled 9 million to cut down on smoking.

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